Like Riley, none of us grow without the help and influence of the people around us.  And we definitely could not make Sea Glass without the untiring help and creative influence of the people around us.  We’re lucky to have a wonderfully gifted cast and crew coming together and donating their talents to this film.

We want to especially thank:

The Gundersens at Goose Bay Glass in Townsend, MT for letting us film in their business and teaching our actors to blow glass.

Iris & Joe at The Blue Scorcher Bakery & Cafe in Astoria, OR for letting us film in their shop.

Canyon Ferry Mansion in Townsend, MT for putting up our cast and crew and feeding us breakfast each morning.

Mary Fryberger Smith and Nancy Fryberger for putting us up, feeding us, and making us laugh in Manzanita, OR.

The glass blowing artists and students in Dillon, MT for donating pieces of their art.

Home Resource in Missoula, MT for donating set materials.

Margarita at Betsy’s Kitchen and The Betsy in Townsend, MT for feeding us and letting us decompress there after wrap each night.

The Commercial Bar in Townsend, MT for cutting us a great deal.

Big Sky Brewing Company in Missoula, MT for donating product.

Deschutes Brewery in Bend, OR for donating product.

Allison Byers and James Duckworth in Portland, OR for putting us up while scouting.

and our buddies at Birdman Films for partnering with us on Sea Glass.

And, of course, we could not be making this film without the help of our generous kickstarter backers:

  • Roan Luikens
  • Rick & Jan Rafter
  • Brandon Woodard
  • Melissa Ferreira
  • Terry McGuirk
  • Kelley Mattingly
  • Betty Peace-Gladstone
  • Lee Matthews
  • Jamie Rodriguez
  • Brooke Swaney
  • Craig & Jeanna Hofmeister
  • Brandon McKay
  • Allison Byers
  • Ken White
  • Andrew J. Smith
  • Jason Miller
  • Gordon Marshall
  • Laura Dedon
  • Bradin M. Farnworth
  • Hermina Harold
  • Sylvan Long
  • Ben Malouf
  • Cassidy Stockton
  • Katie Kohler
  • Nathan Bible
  • Danny Luwe
  • John D’Amato
  • AJ Cronk
  • Leslie Rieger
  • Amanda M Sartor
  • Erin Linell
  • Amy Bradetich
  • Siobhan Tate
  • Shannon Downey
  • Helena Reilly
  • Andrew Dayton
  • Rex Parker
  • Casey Shelley
  • Florence Hochman
  • Alex Smith
  • Torsten Ketelsen
  • Lynn Krogh


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