Production Stills from the Glass Shop

Lily observes the glass blowing process. Just like her character Riley, Lily turned out to be a natural!

Caitlin reviews the last take as Mat gets ready to move on.

Caitlin directs Michael on how to feel when he's blowing glass. Michael shows Caitlin how he's really feeling about blowing glass.

Terry and Jim Gundersen show us how it's really done.

Whenever Hugh was on camera the whole crew got excited--even our gaffer Brandon who we thought only got excited about lights and shots!

Sound guy and producer Mike: waiting on camera.

Tricia readies our hero window.

The whole crew ready and willing.

Maybe the one and only time Camera and Electric had to pause to speak in whole sentences to each other.

We love Goose Bay Glass!

Here we go!

The first set is dressed.  The wardrobe is all settled.  The actors are feeling ready and fresh.  The DP and the gaffer are almost home from picking up the lights.  Time to make a movie!  Bright and early tomorrow (Friday the 13th) we’re starting our whirlwind shoot. We’ll try to keep you updated along the way.

Check out the “rough” image Sarah painted for Riley’s apartment:

We’re excited.  Thanks for being a part of it with us!

I do not care. I want to blow glass.


I made a little side trip to the glassblowing studio in Dillon, MT to meet with some students/artists about loaning us artwork for SeaGlass. They were all so talented and passionate about glass! Plus it was nice and cozy in the studio on a cold winter night. Look for some of their pieces in the glass shop! I shot some footage as well and will put together a little video and post soon.

River Newman.



Orange hot.

Buckets of heat.